Are All Calories Created Equal?

July 31, 2015

Interestingly, the calories your body takes in may not be the same as the calories your body uses. A 2500 calorie per day diet may cause some people to gain weight, while a 2500 calorie per day diet consisting of different foods may cause no weight gain or even a weight loss. It all depends on how the calories are counted and on how your body digests those calories.

How Calorie Count Is Measured

Calories are the units of energy we use every day to measure the food intake we eat. One calorie is the amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at normal atmospheric pressure.


Calories In Food

When we talk about calories in food, we are actually talking about kilocalories. One scientific kilocalorie is equal to a thousand calories. When talking about food, one calorie is actually a kilocalorie.

Manufacturers of different types of food are measured using what is called a “bomb calorimeter.” The food is placed in a sealed container that is also filled with water at normal atmospheric pressure. Electrical energy is used to burn the food. When it is burned completely, the temperature of the water is measured and a calculation is made as to how many calories are in that food. 


How The Body Uses Calories

The problem with the bomb calorimeter is that it measures every available calorie the food contains and, in our diets, we don’t always use up every available calorie.

Take fiber, for example. Fiber can be burned in a bomb calorimeter and its calories are measured as part of the total amount of calories in a specific food. In the gut, however, fiber is not digested (especially insoluble fiber) and it instead passes through the body to make up the bulky portion of stool. This means that the calories you ate from fiber aren’t absorbed and you are actually consuming fewer calories than you’d expect. This is a good reason to eat high fiber foods.

The Atwater System

Another method of determining calories is called the Atwater system. In this system, the calories are broken down into the number of calories in the protein, fat, carbohydrates, and alcohol in each food. There are reference tables based on the energy density of the food. For protein, there are 4 kilocalories in each gram of protein. There are also 4 kilocalories in each gram of carbohydrate. Organic acids contain 3 kilocalories per gram and fats contain 9 kilocalories per gram. If you drink alcohol, it takes up 7 kilocalories per gram of alcohol. The food is broken down into the amount of each of these components and the calorie count is added up. 

Neither Method Is Truly Accurate

Neither method is a true measure of the digestibility of food and the degree of absorption of the digested products. The truth is that the food those calories come from greatly determines how they are processed in the body.

Calories are NOT created equal as the exact same amount of calories from two different types of food can pose completely different biological effects in the body.

Soda Versus Mushrooms: A Case Study

Is 182 calories worth of soda the same as 182 calories worth of mushrooms? Let us see.

The Soda


A 22-ounce serving of soda has 44 grams of sugar, 182 calories and nothing else. The stomach quickly absorbs the sugar causing a spike in blood glucose levels and a variety of bad chemical reactions in the body, including, but not limited to increases in storage of belly fat, increases in bad cholesterol and blood pressure, and may even contribute to infertility in women.

The flood of insulin also blocks leptin, the hormone that controls appetite. As people become more resistant to leptin, they never register satiation, and this leads to overeating, out of control cravings and adds fuel to the sugar addiction fire. This domino effect leads to bad eating habits, and cravings for sugar that will never truly get satisfied.  

Additionally, the fructose in the soda does not send a signal to the brain that the body just received calories, so they are not registered as food, and this means that it will also effect ghrelin, the appetite hormone that is reduced when the body receives real food, leading to more hunger, more cravings, and over eating.

The Mushrooms


Mushrooms are also carbohydrates, but instead of being simple sugars like the soda, they are complex carbs that digest slowly in the body. They will not cause blood sugar spikes, but instead digest slowly and they provide essential nutrients, like potassium, fiber, protein, iron, vitamin D, and magnesium, healing the body instead of causing immense harm.

The quality nutritional profile of the mushrooms supports numerous healthy results in the body, and helps protect against chronic disease, including various cancers and heart disease.

The nutritional profile, slow digestion, and fiber found in mushrooms allow you to feel full and satisfied, eliminating out of control cravings and over eating. Will mushrooms contribute to weight gain? NO WAY!

The difference between the calories in soda and mushrooms is marked. In fact, as opposed to the soda that is all harmful, there is not one thing in mushrooms that is.

One study that looked at the correlation of sugar and calories to risk of diabetes found that simply adding 150 calories a day to a diet barely raised the risk for diabetes, however when those calories were from soda the risk increased by 700%.

The Volume Is Impressive Too

By the way, 186 calories worth of mushrooms is almost 9 cups, which is a lot of mushrooms, especially in comparison to the 22 ounces of soda.

Now, most people will not consume 9 cups of mushrooms in one sitting (mainly because they are so filling), but think about how much more food you can actually eat when choosing quality food?

What Does This Mean For Eating And Counting Calories?

Eat slow digesting foods and skip the simple sugars!
Eat real whole food!

Very Little Or No count

Look at food labels for foods that contain a high amount of fiber. Plant foods naturally contain a great deal of indigestible fiber that will bulk up the stool and won’t be counted as “real” calories because they are not digested or absorbed in the body. Vegetables are always your best choices, as are low sugar fruits like berries.

More Count

Meats, proteins, and other low fiber foods are more fully digested and absorbed, so those foods will count more than vegetables.

Highest Count

Empty calorie foods, like cake, donuts, cookies, potato chips, soda and other junky foods are your worst choices that will do nothing good for your body and will cause serious harm.

Stock up on high fiber real food for your health! 

Take care and be well.
Tommy Douglas

Is The Paleo Diet Really Paleo?

July 28, 2015
Banksy's caveman Lord JimCC BY
Since starting this blog, I have posted a few articles pros and cons of the Paleo Diet. Many people have claimed success with the Paleolithic ancestor style of eating but is it really the way are ancestors ate?

This article from The Conversation discusses the science and history of early man’s adaptation to the food we eat.

By publishing this article, the hope is to continue to provide accurate information and varying points of view.

Therefore, if you are considering the Paleo Diet it has apparently worked for some people, but it may not be what our ancestors ate.

Take care and be well.

Tommy Douglas

Paleo Diet? Science Has Moved On Since The Stone Age

Tim Spector, King's College London

“Our ancestors didn’t eat like this, so we shouldn’t.” This is the main ethos of many modern diets which advise us to exclude a number of recent additions to our plates because they were not part of our distant predecessors diet. There are many different variations on the theme – from all-encompassing “palaeolithic-style” diets to grain-free or gluten-free regimes – which are all generating a massive boom in specialised shops, products and even restaurants.

The general idea is that for most of our millions of years of evolution we were not exposed to grains, milk, yogurt or cheese, refined carbs, legumes, coffee or alcohol. As they only came into existence with farming around 10,000 years ago, our finely-tuned bodies have not been designed to deal with them efficiently.

The belief is that human evolution via survival of the fittest and natural selection is a very slow process and our genes classically take tens of thousands of years to change. This means that these “modern” foods cause various degrees of intolerance or allergic reactions, resulting not only in the modern epidemic of allergies, but also that the toxins lead to inflammation and obesity. So follow our Paleolithic ancestors we are told, cut out these foods – and your problems are over.

This may sound eminently sensible but as it turns out, the facts on which this idea is based are rubbish.

We have adapted

The latest research shows we are not robotic automatons fixed in time but flexible plastic beings adapting to our environments and diets much faster than anyone had realized. 
Bronze Age Yamnaya skullNatalia Shishlina.

A study published in Nature showed clearly that major changes to our genes can occur in just a thousand years or a few hundred generations.

The researchers examined skeletons across Europe from The Netherlands to Russia for key mutations. These people lived around 3,000 years ago and were busy migrating and spreading their genes. They looked in particular at one key gene (called lactase persistence) that controlled an enzyme conferring the ability to digest milk after the age of three. 

Around three quarters of modern Europeans have this gene allowing them to digest a glass of milk without feeling sick. Rates of the gene mutation are higher in North Europe (up to 90%) and lower in Southern Europe (around 50%).

It was previously thought this gene mutation started to dominate Europeans around 7,000 to 10,000 years ago at the onset of farming and the use of milk, so the finding that only one in 20 Bronze-age people had it 3,000 years ago was a major shock. It meant that it started later and has spread much faster than we imagined and as a consequence we have adapted to our new food source much more rapidly than the lumbering robots we are portrayed as.

Other genetic evidence of recent changes to our digestive genes comes from a worldwide study of the amylase gene which is key to breaking down starch in carbohydrates. People in areas with starch as a major part of the diet evolved to have multiple copies of the gene to help them digest it better. We found in a collaborative study using our twins that this mutation also strangely protected against obesity, and importantly we think this change only happened in the last few hundred generations.

Other genes key to how we digest food can change even more rapidly. These are the 2m or so genes in the DNA of the trillions of microbes in our gut. Although they are not human genes they are crucial to our health as they control our microbiome which digests our food and produces many of our vitamins and blood metabolites.

These bacterial genes in our guts can respond rapidly to changes in our diet, and as they can produce a new generation every 30 minutes, they can evolve very fast indeed.

They also have a secret weapon called horizontal gene transfer which means they can rapidly swap genes between them to mutual advantage, without waiting for natural selection. They use this very effectively to become resistant to new antibiotics and the same process is likely for new foods.

So by all means enjoy eating at going to trendy paleo steak restaurants and decide to lose weight in the short term by going on a gluten-free diet, but don’t be fooled by the evolutionary scientific explanations which are now out of date.

Your genes and your microbes are evolving faster than you realize and can cope with the new additions to our diet in the last few thousand years. The caveat is that we need to keep our gut microbes as healthy as possible. But dietary diversity, not exclusions, is the key.

The Conversation
Tim Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College London.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

  • If you are trying to lose weight, it is up to you to choose a diet you are comfortable with and meets your dietary needs.
  • The Paleo diet is essentially a low-carb diet, which can be healthy and promote weight loss.
  • It is important before beginning any diet to get a doctor involved especially if there are preexisting medical conditions.
  • Low carb diets in particular are healthier if you follow the plan closely, meaning eat the required vegetable portions.
  • Do not forget you need fiber in your diet.
  • All diets work best and are healthier when a good exercise plan is involved.
  •  Eat more whole fresh foods and leave prepackaged premade garbage on the store shelves.

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            Experience The Health Benefits Of Sex

            July 25, 2015
            People-in-their eighties-have-sex-get-over-it-older-couple-
            By Al Link

            • Lose weight.
            • Reduce stress.
            • Lower your cholesterol level.
            • Improve your circulation.
            • Live longer.
            • Stay younger.
            Does it sounds like an ad for a new wonder drug?

            In fact, it is a few benefits of humankind's longest-standing and most pleasurable pastime. That is the pastime of having sex.


            Most of us are aware of the feel good benefits of sex while we are engaged in it. You should know there are benefits beyond the sweaty bodies and the sweet talk.

            For instance:

            Maintaining Ideal Body Weight

            There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. For every 3500 calories, you burn (that you do not replace with food!) you will lose one pound of fat. Sexual intercourse burns approximately 150 calories per half hour.

            How sex stacks up against some other activities.

            • Yoga 114 calories per half hour
            • Dancing - rock 129 calories
            • Walking - 3mph 153 calories
            • Weight training 153 calories
            • Canoeing - 2mph 153 calories
            • Volleyball 174 calories

            According to one survey reported by the Ottawa Citizen.

            Canadians on average have sex 7.33 times per month, lasting in the order of 24.4 minutes. 

            That means that "Joe Canada" is burning off more than 10 thousand calories a year. That is about three pounds, in a not particularly active sex life.

            By being more sexually active, or into Tantra for instance where lovemaking lasts 4 hours, you may well burn up 600 calories a session. At once a week that is 31,200 calories or 9 pounds per year.

            Consider that, people often become overweight by gaining 5-10 pounds per year. Then it is reasonable, regular sexual activity is a fun way to help maintain healthy weight.

            Sex Increases Blood Flow

            Sex helps increase the blood flow to your brain and to all other organs of your body. Increased heart rate and deep breathing accounts for the improvement in circulation. Fresh blood saturates your cells, organs and muscles with fresh oxygen and hormones. Then the blood removes waste products that cause fatigue and illness.


            Sex Lowers Cholesterol

            Lowering your cholesterol is another of the "sex as exercise" benefits. Sex helps lower the cholesterol level. It tips the HDL/LDL (good/bad) cholesterol balance towards the healthier HDL side.

            Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Improved Sleep Through Sex

            People having frequent sex often report that they handle stress better. Therefore, the normal stresses of living do not become distress. The moment after an orgasm may be one of the few times people allow themselves let go and relax.

            Many state that they sleep have deeper and more restful after satisfying sex. In the relaxing afterglow, you may be able to let go of distracting thoughts. Being able to stop thinking has helped many to overcome insomnia.

            Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Improved Sleep Through Sex

            Sex as Pain Reliever

            Through the touch magic of sex the hormone, oxytocin secrets in your body. Which in turn causes the release of endorphins. These natural opiates, sex acts as a powerful analgesic to elevate the pain threshold. In addition, they help to relieve the aches of conditions like arthritis, whiplash and headaches.

            Use sex as a remedy for headache rather than an excuse for abstaining!

            With arousal and orgasm oxytocin levels rise. They spike 3 to 5 times higher than usual just before orgasm. In fact, oxytocin triggers the orgasm. Masters and Johnson laboratory studies show that the uterine contractions brought about by orgasm (triggered by oxytocin) are just as powerful as those of child labor are.

            Women can use this extraordinary orgasmic contraction and relaxation of the uterine muscle to relieve cramps during PMS and menstruation.

            Have Sex To Live Longer, Stay Younger

            One in five people over 80 are sexually active

            A British study of 1,000 men found those who had at least two orgasms a week had half the death rate of their fellow citizens who indulge less than once a month.

            The hormone DHEA promotes sexual excitement and increases in response to it. Dr Theresa Crenshaw author of The Alchemy of Love and Lust says DHEA may be the most powerful chemical in our personal world.

            • It helps balance the immune system
            • Improves cognition
            • Promotes bone growth
            • Maintains and repairs tissues
            • Keeps your skin healthy and supple
            • May also contribute to cardiovascular health
            • May function as antidepressant
            • Prostate and Genital Health

            Some doctors believe more than 75% of men over 50 have a somewhat enlarged prostate. Most all men will suffer from prostate enlargement if they live long enough. This condition, called benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH), is normal and usually not dangerous. Some of these men develop prostate cancer, one of the leading causes of death in older men.

            Regular sexual intercourse with frequent ejaculations will help to keep the prostate healthy.

            Men who practice delaying ejaculation, as in Tantra Sacred Sex. Kegel exercises, which contract the muscles around your genitals, will tone these muscles. These exercises will help keep the prostate healthy. It helps move the sexual energy out of the prostate and circulate it through your body.

            A simple technique you can perform for hundreds of contractions a day for top sexual/physical fitness for both men and women. Imagine you are urinating, but want to stop the flow of urine, that is all there is to it.

            Contracting muscles in this way is one of the healthiest exercises to add to your exercise regime. 178 Belgian men with minor erection problems participated in a 4-month daily rehabilitation program. The program focused on Kegel exercises. The study resulted in 74 percent showing an improvement and 43 percent a cure.

            For women, Kegels strengthen the entire urogenital tract. This aids in childbirth and prevents the onset of incontinence in later life. They also sensitize the genital tissues. This helps women to become orgasmic and increase the intensity of their orgasms

            Sex Boosts Testosterone and Estrogen

            testosterone deficiency stroke

            Regular sexual activity boosts testosterone and estrogen levels in both men and women. Besides boosting your libido, testosterone fortifies bones and muscles. Some physicians suggest that testosterone keeps hearts healthy and good cholesterol high.

            Testosterone is what makes the sex drive in men and women more aggressive. Testosterone makes you want to have sex, pursue sex, start sex and perhaps dominate. Testosterone seems to motivate both men and women for specific genital sex and release by orgasm.

            Men love their sex organs
            Because men have so much testosterone, they seem obsessed with genitals, intercourse and ejaculation.

            They appear to care less for romance and foreplay the touching, hugging, cuddling, eye gazing, etc.

            Sex increases women's estrogen levels keeping vaginal tissues suppler and protecting against heart disease. Estrogen makes a woman receptive and responsive to a man's approach. It is estrogen that makes her want to be touched and feel romantic.

            Testosterone makes her want penetration. Estrogen makes a woman soft-breasts develop in response to estrogen. Estrogen is a powerful influence on how a woman smells. It influences the degree she projects softness, openness, and interest in sexual touching.

            Men's bodies also produce estrogen. In fact, testosterone can convert into estrogen in the man's body. Estrogen helps a man to develop their softer, more nurturing feminine sides.

            As men age, the balance begins to shift, with testosterone decreasing and estrogen increasing. This is one reason why so many men seem to mellow out as they get older.

            The Healing Power of Intimacy

            Sex is good for you, but sex with love is even better.


            Aссоrding tо Dr. Dean Ornish author оf 'Love аnd Survival: thе Scientific Basis fоr thе Healing Power оf Intimacy', "an open heart саn lead tо thе mоѕt joyful аnd ecstatic sex". Hiѕ researches intо intimacy аnd itѕ effects оn health hаvе shown thаt "anything thаt promotes feelings оf love аnd intimacy iѕ healing".

            If уоu hаvе ѕоmеоnе whо rеаllу cares fоr уоu аnd fоr whоm уоu care in return, ѕоmеоnе уоu аrе intimately connected with in аll wауѕ - emotional, physical аnd mоrе -- thеn уоu mау bе thrее tо fivе timеѕ lеѕѕ likеlу аt risk оf premature death аnd disease frоm аll causes.

            Pаrt оf thiѕ hаѕ tо dо with thе positive effects оf touch, whаt Dr. Crenshaw refers tо аѕ Vitamin T. Thе chemical composition оf уоur bоdу сhаngеѕ bу touch.

            Caressing, hugging, stroking, cuddling sends a chain reaction оf chemicals tо signal уоur brain thаt thiѕ iѕ pleasurable, nurturing, аnd good.


            Thеrе iѕ strong scientific evidence demonstrating thе importance оf touch tо good health. In thе 1930s, Dr. Rene Spitz, attending physician аt a number оf nurseries, noticed thаt thе illness аnd mortality rates wеrе ԛuitе a bit higher in ѕоmе оf thе nurseries.

            Hiѕ observations аnd experiments led tо thе finding thаt thе children whо wеrе bесоming ill аnd dying hаd nоthing tо dо with hygiene оr nutrition, but rаthеr hаd tо dо with thе amount оf touching thе infants received frоm thе attending staff.

            Hе confirmed hiѕ findings bу hiring "grandmothers" tо соmе intо thе nurseries tо hold, fondle, аnd cuddle thе children. Thе illness аnd mortality rates declined rapidly.

            Researchers аt Miami's Touch Research Institute (TRI) found thаt premature infants whо received thrее massages a day оvеr 10 days gained 47 percent mоrе weight thаn preemies nоt massaged.

            David Sebringsil, whо writes fоr Thе Society Fоr Human Sexuality (one оf thе bеѕt online sources оf excellent, sex-positive information), recommends Erotic Massage bесоmе a раrt оf оr alternative tо regular lovemaking. It iѕ оnе оf thе bеѕt wауѕ tо hеlр ѕоmеоnе achieve extended, multiple, оr "whole body" orgasmic states.


            Thrоugh erotic massage, partners learn tо givе аnd receive loving touch аnd extraordinary pleasure.

            It makes уоu healthier аnd happier.

            Imagine hаving healthy blood, healthy bones, healthy heart, healthy bоdу аnd a peaceful mind. All thаnkѕ tо thе healing powers оf sex.

            Nеxt timе уоu аrе in thе mood lеt hеr knоw уоu hаvе thе doctor оn уоur side!


            Al Link аnd Pala Copeland оwn аnd operate 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra. Thеу regularly host Tantra Sacred Loving weekends nеаr Ottawa Canada, аnd weeklong retreats in exotic locations аrоund thе planet.

            Fоr mоrе information call toll free frоm Canada оr USA: 1-800-684-5308 International lоng distance: 1-819-689-5308. Visit thеir website оr send email: thеir book, Soul Sex: Nеw Page Books, 2003, publish Tantra fоr Two.

            Article Source:
            Nipping the nape photo credit Bryan Brenneman from Sheridan, OR, USA, aka kainr on Flickr

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            5 Top Tips for a Healthy Heart

            July 17, 2015
            5 Top Tips for a Healthy Heart

            Did you know that even if heart disease runs in your family, you could cut your personal risk dramatically? 

            A heart healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, exercising regularly and drinking lots of water, all of these components lead to a healthy heart and a lower risk of heart attack and cardiac illness.

            Practice the following top five tips for a healthy heart and you benefit from the overall body health and fitness that a healthy cardiovascular system delivers.

            Enjoy a heart healthy diet

            Wild caught salmon, sardines and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Garlic keeps your blood vessels from being constricted, allowing your blood to flow properly. Brown rice, black beans and kidney beans, oatmeal and other high-fiber foods regulate a healthy cardiovascular system, and lower your chances of suffering a heart attack and developing heart disease.

            Almonds, kale, oranges, blueberry and an occasional glass of red wine all offer heart healthy benefits. Steer clear of processed foods, sugar, salt and white flour, get more plant-based foods into your diet, and your risk of mild or significant heart problems and afflictions is dramatically lowered.

            Cut back drastically on your salt intake

            Salt is needed in your diet however, it is directly linked to high blood pressure and coronary heart disease when you eat too much of it. This means cutting back on processed foods, many of which have a high salt content.

            Exercise frequently, but do not overdo it

            New research shows that strenuous exercise of more than 3 hours a week can actually have a negative health impact. The American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic and other respected global health institutions recommend 30-minute sessions of moderate to intense physical activity no more than 5 times a week.
            This includes "exercises" as simple as taking a brisk walk or jog, cutting your grass with a push mower, enjoying Pilates, yoga or some simple bodyweight exercises.

            Stop smoking today


            Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your heart rate begins to return to normal. Only 2 hours after you quit, your blood pressure and heart rate have returned to naturally healthy levels. Only 12 hours after quitting, your blood oxygen levels are normal once again.
            The negative effects of smoking on your heart and lungs are well known. Stop smoking now and you will begin to experience the heart healthy benefits of kicking the habit in his little as 20 minutes.

            Drink responsibly


            The occasional beer, a glass of wine or alcoholic drink is not unhealthy. However, when you overdo it, you can cause short and long-term damage to your heart muscles, suffer unhealthy weight gain and raise your risks of having a heart attack. 

            Enjoying no more than one or two adult beverages 2 or 3 times a week is a smart rule to follow.

            Take care and be well.
            Tommy Douglas

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            Vegetarian Foods that are not so Vegetarian After All

            July 17, 2015
            There are three types of foodies- vegetarians, non-vegetarians and the “Tuesday, Thursday” breed who enjoy non-vegetarian except on certain days of the week.

            Strict vegetarians are very particular about what they consume and will try reading the labels of every food product they buy in the grocery store. However, certain foods that look harmless and vegan don’t have a very vegan history. There is always something “fishy” in the way the ingredients are manufactured or procured. Almost every food has traces of something non vegetarian and here are few popular vegetarian foods that look vegetarian but are in fact not:

            White Sugar

            Sugar is a key ingredient in most kitchens and is used almost daily in order to make lemonade, tea, coffee and of course is added lavishly in desserts and sweets. The same harmless sugar however goes through a cleansing process which makes it look so pretty and white. 

            The cleansing process involves the use of natural carbon which in fact is derived from charred animal bones! Shocked much? Well so technically not very vegetarian after all! Your best bet is to use jiggery or unrefined sugar if you really want to go vegan!



            Soups are the best remedy for a cold evening when it’s raining outside. Nothing tastes better than a hot bowl of yummy, tangy soup with a slice of buttered toast. However most soups in restaurants are made from chicken stock or fish sauce is added for flavour. It’s not rare to find ham stock being used in split pea soup too. Hence make sure before ordering your favourite soup exactly what goes in making it!
            veg Manchow-Soup-bowl-plus-condiments-spoon
            Make use of foodpanda coupons to order some hot and yummy soup for yourself this monsoon but make sure of the ingredients before you go in for one, and enjoy exclusive cash back from over and above discounts!

            Ice Cream

            Ice cream is considered as one of the best comfort foods no matter what your age. Whether you’re reeling from a bad break up or just have a mid night craving, nothing can satisfy you better than a big tub of yummy chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. The same ice cream however also has an ingredient call capric acid. Capric acid is a fatty acid is obtained from animal fat and the origin of ice cream too is not too delightful but once you start digging into a blissful bowl of yummy flavour, I don’t think anything matters either!




            This is one of the fun foods that make you want to play around with it no matter what your age is. Jelly in all its glory however contains gelatin which is again derived from animals. It is this gelatin which makes jell-o so fun and wobbly. However substitutes for gelatin is now being used, however it’s not that common hence you should be cautious while eating jelly too.
            Enjoy some mouth-watering pizza which is so cheesy you’ll forget all about the gelatin in the jelly using dominos coupons which will also help you earn additional cash back over and above discounts.


            Sorry to break it to you but beer isn’t as pure as you’d thought it was! One of the key ingredients used in beer is isinglass or in other words fish bladder which renders beer that heart-warming color. Isinglass is a common ingredient amongst most brands of beer makers and it’ll be hard to find one without it. Well besides giving you a buzz, so it has a bit of fish part, I don’t think that should count much!
            The thing with food is that it’s always very hard to categorize food into purely vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories as most foods will have traces of some form of animal parts or bi products, but at the end of the day you should eat what makes you happy as food should be all about the taste and the feeling of awesomeness it gives your taste buds!

            Riddhi Gupta  has a penchant for writing and is also a food expert.. Gupta  covers issues relating to technology and food and has created a reputation for writing articles and new about the latest technological trends and developments happening around the world.

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