Making Good Carb Choices - Eat Your Veggies

Low carb diets have been around for a very long time. Some people have success with them, while others tend to cave in and go back to eating carbs. And there’s even some that this eating plan doesn’t work for at all.

When it comes to any diet, whether a new diet plan or trend, the best possible eating plan is a lifestyle eating plan.

Your diet should contain protein, carbohydrates, and fats. One of the main key points is to figure out which combination your body works with the best. Truth is, you can’t cut out either of those
completely and expect to have good health. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle and bone. Carbohydrates are your main energy source and fats help regulate and fuel a whole lot of things.

Carbohydrates are one area that people definitely need to control. Cutting out processed carbs will help you over the long haul. You’ll feel better and be in better control of your weight management.

Processed carbs consist of baked goods like cookies and cakes. It includes frie…

Diet Pills: Friends Or Foes?

There are times when a doctor will prescribe diet pills for certain patients. This is a temporary measure and regulated with a short-term goal in sight.

For most people, diet pills are not a solution and may actually cause more harm than good. Losing weight is a process. To sustain it, profound habit changes must happen that will propel long-term success.

But, many people don’t understand this. 
They want to shed all their excessive weight in the shortest amount of time. So, instead of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising, they turn to diet pills.

Committing to an active lifestyle or staying away from junk food is difficult. So for some diet pills may look like a magical solution. Yet, even if they do help you lose weight, they are still bad for you.

Various Products On The Market
There are many diet pills on the market and many companies manufacture them. There is a reason why so many companies make and sell them. They don’t need to get approval from the Food and Drug Administrat…

Here’s Why You’re Gaining Weight Even Though You Exercise

It is frustrating when you are trying so hard to lose weight, but see no loss on your scale. In fact, it shows you have gained a pound or two.

Why does that happen?

Believe it or not, this is usually a good weight gain. Of course, if you are eating more then this could be the cause. But if not, you can expect the weight to come off over time, so be patient and stay the course.

When first starting an exercise program, your body goes through many changes. One of them is adaptation. You have gone from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one. Now that you are exercising, your body might be storing more glycogen which it uses as energy to fuel your cells.
Glycogen is glucose and water. In fact, one-part glucose and three parts water. So what effect can this have on your weight? The average person carries about 15 grams of glycogen per kg of body weight. If we do the math, we see that a 200-pound person would carry about three pounds of glycogen.

But, when you bring exercising into the mix…

A Balanced Diet - Back to Basics For Better Health

With so many different diets and this diet approaches, it’s often hard to decide which to consider. Some diets count calories, others count fat or carbs. What’s the best diet solution when everything is so confusing?

The best plan is to get back to basics and eat a balanced meal plan. The truth is, your body has to have protein, carbs, and fat to be healthy. Cutting any one of them out can lead to poor health down the road. You may feel better, in the early stages. As your body tries to function over time without the necessary nutrients it needs. Soon, you will start to feel bad again.

Let’s break down what each component does for your body and then cover some basic tips for eating better. I will not get all scientific in the descriptions. I will keep it simple.


Protein is in every cell of your body. Not some cells, but in all cells. It is necessary for your bones, muscles, skin, hair and nails. Animal proteins are a complete protein. A complete protein means they supply the amin…

5 nutritionist tips to start eating and living healthier

When you need to fix your car, learn the latest tech or finish a major home improvement, what do you do?

You turn to the experts. Those with in-depth knowledge on how to do these tasks in the most efficient and effective way. You're looking to improve your health by focusing on improving your diet. Then it's also time to turn to the experts.

Nutritionists and registered dietitians are the thought leaders for improving your eating habits. We asked dietitian and nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner how to improve nutrition. Because we want to know how to start living a healthier life today.

She offers this advice:

Get organized.
Your environment can work for you or against you. Having an organized refrigerator can be the key to success on the journey to weight loss. Keep produce where it is visible and accessible. Healthy foods like hard-boiled eggs, chicken breasts, and vegetables store at eye-level. This helps to make smarter meal choices. Clear food containers help to keep alre…
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