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Welcome And About Boomer Health

Hello and welcome to Boomer Health.
My name is Tommy Douglas the owner, publisher and sometimes author of Boomer Health.

I first started this blog as “Getting Fit as a Baby Boomer Over 50” after I got into eating well and exercising. The idea was to be able to keep up my motivation to continue getting healthier.

We all know we need to get healthier and maintain our fitness as we age. We know we need to eat right and exercise.

Thus, I expanded my blog beyond diet and exercise. Now there are more health articles dealing with aging, diseases and health conditions .

I am not a doctor nor am I trained or certified in the health industry. So, why do I publish a health related blog and why should anyone read it.

I have 40 Plus years of food service experience.

During that time, I have had several classes in food handling and sanitation. Also I have had many certifications for restaurant food handling.

As well as restaurant employee I have 23 plus years as manager. These years of experience gives a me unique perspective on people’s relationship with food.

Also, since I spend years producing the food that made some people fat, I just need to give something back.

I both read and research a lot.
⦁ I have several health conditions and make an effort to learn more about them.
⦁ Many of the subjects this blog covers I have firsthand experience.
⦁ I am diabetic.
⦁ I have had a heart attack.
⦁ I have sleep apnea, high blood pressure, arthritis, varicose veins and foot problems.
⦁ And I was a smoker for many years.

Doctors have years of training and expertise.

1. Yet, do they know what is actually like to try to quit smoking, have a weight problem, have a heart attack and etc.
2. Does your doctor explain your symptoms so that understand what you need to do?
3. Is your doctor rigid and opinionated in his advice not realizing you are unique?

This blog is not meant to substitute for your doctor.

You should always follow your doctor’s advice and take the medicines he prescribes.

Boomer Health provides information only.

It contains health ideas, news and other information. Information that if applicable you can discuss with your doctor.

You should confer with your doctor before beginning any weight loss diet. As well as, any exercise program and most definitely before taking any supplement.

Take care and be well,
Tommy Douglas