Does Alcohol Increase The Risk Of High Blood Pressure?

The Link Between Alcohol And Hypertension

man with drink in hand laying head on bar he has had too much High blood pressure affects thousands of Americans each year. If you are taking steps to reduce yours, you may want to consider cutting back on your alcohol intake as well.

Alcohol use can lead to increased blood pressure and other heart conditions.

Although many people use alcohol as a stress reducer, it has quite the opposite effect on the body. Stopping an alcohol habit is not easy but if alcohol possesses a health risk to you, it may be to your benefit to quit drinking sooner than later, in some cases people who moderate their alcohol use can manage to reduce high blood pressure as well.

There are numerous ways to get help for alcohol use either through rehab, treatment or an alternative program. While rehab and treatment are the most popular options, their success rates are lackluster.

Many people who enter rehab typically need to repeat the program more than once, or relapse shortly after. Some people can fix their alcohol problems on their own or just naturally grow out of a substance using stage.

Numerous studies have revealed that people can overcome alcohol and drugs on their own without ever being treated.

It is also possible that a non 12 step program will work more effectively for you than a traditional alcohol rehab center.
chart showing effects of alcohol on body

Once you have overcome an alcohol problem, you can then begin to work on lowering your high blood pressure.

In addition to giving up alcohol, you should also begin watching your diet. It's very important and recommended by the medical community, to consume a balanced diet made up of vegetables, fruits, whole gains, and lean meats and dairy. Healthy fats such as nuts, avocado and olive oil can also help. On top of a proper diet, exercise is another important element to lowering high blood pressure.

Make sure to always speak to a doctor before you start an exercise regimen.

If you're new to exercise, activities like swimming, water aerobics or light walking are all great ways to get the heart pumping for cardiovascular strengthening.

With the combination of reducing alcohol intake, diet and exercise, your blood pressure should lower if not reach a normal number. In some cases, medication is necessary in assisting blood pressure decrease.

Don’t let alcohol hold you back from living a healthy lifestyle. If you truly wish to stop, there is help out there for you.

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Take care and be well.
Tommy Douglas


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