Weight Loss: How 'Healthy' Low-Fat Keeps You Fat

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By Elaine E Wilson

I want to focus on the problems associated with the low fat approach to weight loss, which has been revealed by Harvard School of Public Health to be more dangerous than consuming moderate amounts of saturated fat

Now that certainly does not mean that I advocate saturated fats, but it does show why Harvard have said loud and Clear-cut that it's time to end the "low-fat myth!"

Having sugars and refined carbohydrates converted by the body very quickly into glucose is great if you need fast energy, but the problems begin to stack up when energy is not being burned off. So, when there are no immediate energy needs to be met, in order to remove dangerous excess glucose from the blood, the body has to store it.

First the body will convert it into glycogen
which is stored in specialized cells - this is basis of the process used by sports people known as carbohydrate-loading to ensure a back up store of energy to be drawn upon when running, cycling and participating in other stamina sports.

Secondly, and of crucial significance when trying to lose weight, when the glycogen stores become full, the body converts the excess glucose into body fat - conveniently located around the midriff creating the typical "apple" body shape, or the so-called "muffin-top".

The consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates has now been scientifically shown to prevent the body burning calories, leading to these unhealthy and unsightly accumulations of abdominal fat.

Whilst this is definitely unattractive, and makes for the stubborn fat that many people would like to shift, even worse are the health risks associated with the low-fat diet - that is insulin resistance (a precursor to type 2 diabetes), and cardiovascular diseases, as reported by Harvard:

The problem with manufactured low-fat food products is that when fat is taken out, something has to be put in to replace it - and that something is invariably sugar or refined carbohydrates, again leading to all the problems and complications outlined above.

It is mind-blowing that consuming low-fat foods is highly likely to create body fat? 

But that is precisely, what science has now revealed!

And yet an alarming number of profit-driven food manufacturers continue to produce an ever increasing range of low-fat food products which they claim are the "healthy option". Truly shocking!

Ditch the low-fat diets and boycott manufactured low-fat food products in preference for plentiful amounts of healthy fats!

By ensuring that a full complement of vital nutrients are consumed through an individualized tailor-made plan, the health problems associated with other diets are avoided.

This is essential for anyone to achieve healthy weight loss. It is even more so for anyone needing to lose weight if they also have Diabetes.

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Elaine Wilson


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