10 Of The Best Fat Loss Exercises

perform burpees illustration If you want to lose weight, developing a regular exercise program is vital. On the other hand, the type exercises you select can make a vast difference when it comes to the overall volume of excess body fat you will burn. That is the reason for why in this article, helping you choose the most effective exercises for achieving your weight loss goals and listing 10 of the top fat loss exercises.

1) Boxing

Boxing is a fantastic sport that blasts through 613 calories per hour. Boxing can be fun but it also allows you to develop some self-defense skills as you blast away the body fat. In addition to this, it’s extremely versatile with bag work, boxing matches, sparring and speed work all making up part of the sport.

2) Burpees

Burpees are one of the most popular bodyweight exercises around and burn through a notable 546 calories per hour. In addition to this, they give all the muscles in your body an effective workout which builds muscle mass and increases the amount of body fat you burn on a daily basis. To perform burpees, simply follow the instructions in this video.

3) Jump Rope

Jump rope is a great weight loss exercise that you can perform anytime and anywhere in a relatively small space. It blasts through 798 calories per hour and all you need is a jump rope and you’re good to go.

4) Jump Squats

Jump squats are a simple but effective bodyweight move that target all the muscles in your legs and work off a substantial 900 calories per hour. To perform jump squats, simply follow the demonstration in this video.

5) Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent exercise that’s fun, challenging and unique. The climbing itself works off 749 calories per hour but it also gives all the muscles in your body an intense workout which increases your muscle mass and has a positive long term effect on the amount of body fat you burn.

6) Running

Running is one of the simplest fat loss exercises around and allows you to enjoy the outdoors while also topping up your vitamin D levels. In addition to this, it’s one of the best fat burning exercises around and burns an impressive 920 calories per hour.

7) Spinning

Spinning is a widespread cycling centered exercise session that consists of pedaling to music at a variety of diverse intensities. It is a excellent fat burner and can work off 700 calories per hour and also does a prodigious job of toning and firming up the muscles in your lower body.

8) Step Ups

Step ups are a great cardiovascular workout that burn a substantial 972 calories per hour. They do a excellant job of training the muscles in your lower body and they can be accomplished in a very tight, compacted space. To complete step ups properly, simply follow the demo in this video.

9) Walking

Walking may not burn a huge amount of calories (240 calories per hour) but when you consider the ease with which you can add walking to your day, it’s still a top fat burning choice. By taking the stairs instead of the elevator, covering short journeys on foot instead of driving or simply having 30 minutes to yourself and going for a stroll every evening, you can burn plenty of body fat while still going about your day to day tasks.

10) Weightlifting

Weight lifting is one more activity which does not directly use up a lot of calories (400 calories per hour) but does give your fat loss efforts a decisive edge. By lifting weights at least three times per week, you’ll build bigger, stronger muscles. Muscle cells need six calories per pound per day to retain while fat cells only require two calories per pound per day to sustain. Hence, by weight lifting on a regular basis you will have more muscle mass and unsurprisingly burn more body fat each day as a result.


If you want to get the most out of your workouts when it comes to fat loss, performing the right exercises is essential. So if you’re not currently incorporating any of the exercises on this list into your weekly fitness regime, start making some changes

Take care and be well.
Tommy Douglas 


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