How To Use Food Diary Helping Weight Loss

a simple journal can be a food diary
It sounds like a daunting task to write down everything you eat in a days time, but statistics show that people who keep up with and are completely aware of the food they consume have a much better success rate than those who don't.

When you keep a food diary, you don't have to second guess yourself on what you ate or how big of a portion you had. It's all right there in front of you and allows you to adjust your food intake the following day or two if you need to.

Advantages of a food diary

You can see your daily calorie intake, and other nutritional information, at a glance. No more guessing or trying to remember how many cookies you had at lunch. Writing everything down in a food diary keeps it all at your fingertips and easy to manage.

Helps you keep yourself accountable. Staying accountable to your new diet or new lifestyle can be hard if you don't have a way to keep track of it. Some people have accountability partners, but this doesn't work for everyone. All of your friends may hate diet and exercise and not give you the support you need. You can keep yourself motivated and accountable by keeping a daily food diary.

Helps you reach your goals. It's a well known fact that keeping up with your daily food intake, along with your exercise routine will help you keep and reach your goals. It's easier to see where you're at and where you need to be. People who don't set goals and read over them on a regular basis often give up on them within a few weeks.

Helps control binge eating. When you know you're going to write down everything you eat, it makes it easier to avoid foods you shouldn't eat. It can also help you avoid binge eating. However, you have to make up your mind that you will stay accountable to your food diary and write down every thing you do eat.

Otherwise, you could slip up here and there.

Make healthier food choices. Keeping a log of the foods you eat will not only help you see your weak spots and where empty calories and how many unhealthy foods you eat, it can also help you stay on track of eating a more healthy diet.

Your daily food journal should be full of fresh vegetables and fruits. If you can look to see that you haven't been eating enough of those foods you can quickly make adjustments and better food choices.

Emotional connection. Many people even keep notes of how they feel each day. This can help you determine if you eat according to the mood you're in or if something emotional has triggered your eating. It can also help you keep track of the days you felt great and ate well balanced meals.

Keeping a daily food diary has many benefits that can help you reach your goals and keep them in check. If you've been struggling with weight loss, try using a food diary to see if it keeps you motivated and accountable.

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Don’t forget to keep track of your exercise accomplishments as well.

Take care and be well.
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