8 Best Ways To Quick Healthy Weight Loss Now

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Wanting to lose weight and want to lose it as fast as possible while still being healthy.

Have a look at eight ideas for fast weight loss if you want to lose a few pounds quickly.

There is no necessity to go hungry.

Try to be more aware of what you eat, reduce your consumption of carbs and sugar, and fill up with lean proteins, low carb vegetables, and even some fruit.

1. Get a notebook and record what you eat and drink containing calories and carbs, if counting them.

You do not need to count the calories. 

Merely the act of putting it in writing helps realize those dastardly high calorie or high foods are slinking in and impairing your fast weight loss plan.

2. Prepare your own food in place fast food or prepackaged foods.

Prepackaged foods contain chemicals such as monosodium glutamate to enhance flavor. 

Low fat prepackaged foods contain extra sugar and low sugar varieties often contain extra fats in order taste edible. 

Excessive salt and high fructose corn syrup are in practically everything.

Always in a hurry, cook food in bulk ahead of time and freeze it.

3. Provide at least two servings of vegetables in every principal meal, or add a large salad with low fat or low carb dressing.

Fresh fibrous vegetables such as broccoli help feeling full and satisfied. The extra vitamins and minerals vegetables contain reduce cravings.

4. Eat healthy fats.

You should cut your overall consumption of fat; however, some fat is necessary for weight loss and health. 

There is some debate on which fats or healthy but if it turns solid and room temperature skip it, however even though coconut oil is solid at room temperature, many tout the benefits. 

The least processed and chemical additions the better such butter over margarine.

5. Avoid sugar as much as possible, if you must have something sweet try sugar free sweets in limited amounts.

If you do eat sugar eat it with fiber to slow absorption and then get some exercise to burn it off quickly. 

Fruits in limited amounts are better than sugary desserts.

7. Organize and preplan shopping for and preparing meals.

By thinking ahead to make a list sticking to it will reduce impulse buys, save money, save time and keep your diet plan on track. Avoid grocery shopping when you are hungry.

Keep healthy food and snacks in the house.

Shopping List is free software that is useful in making your list. If you take the time to enter prices from your receipts, you will develop a database to help with your budgeting efforts.

You can divide the list in to categories by store sections so you can move around each area getting what you need, making easier not to be
looking around.

The more you look around the more you will be tempted to impulse buy.

8. Make eating an enjoyable but separate activity not while watching television, playing games, and reading, checking email.

  • Go to the table for your meals and snacks focusing on your food and chewing slowly savoring each bite. 
  • This will allow your brain to get the signal you have eaten and switch off the hunger sign. 
  • While dinning with others, avoid confrontational discussions as arguing disturbs digestion, which will inhibit fast weight loss.

Take care and be well.
Tommy Douglas


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