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How to Decide Your Best Frequency Of Exercise

If you are intending to start a new fitness plan, then you are making a decision that will reward you in many ways! 

Resolving to get healthy and get more active is not always easy, but with the rewards, you will be delighted you did. 
Nevertheless, if you are new to the world of exercise then things can get confusing quickly. 
One of the provocative questions many people have is how often they should workout.

What Do You Want to Achieve By Exercising?
How often you need to workout does depend on what you want to achieve.

This article assumes that you are a fitness beginner or has been a while since your last workout. At the start, your goal should be to improve your health and to feel better in your daily life.

Experts recommend beginners to workout for at least 20 minutes in a single day, three to four days a week allowing time for recovery. As exercise is cumulative, you can break those 20 minutes up into smaller periods as well as do it all in one shot. 
Research has shown that tw…
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