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Will Health Insurance Brokers be the Next Big Industry?

By Kristen Chawla

Initially, Obamacare was seen as a major challenge to broker portal system, and was supposed to take away the business and lead to a drop in the number of jobs available in the insurance, and general, industry. However, the recent trends have been speaking something else altogether. Due to the innumerable problems in the Obamacare marketplaces, insurance broker portal of major players in the industry has been experiencing a surge in business. So, what are the brokers doing in this situation? Well, they are capitalizing.

Insurance broker websites understand that the average customer does not understand the PPACA much, and definitely needs all the assistance and help he can muster. Through their insurance broker software, agencies are working to break down the law for customers and help them go through the system. Since the U.S., government has allowed brokers to make use of the federal and state exchanges for helping people enroll in subsidized plans; these brokers a…
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