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6 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health

Making some relatively, simple changes in your life could lead to it being a longer and healthier one.

Staying in shape both physically and emotionally can help keep health troubles, ranging from the common cold to heart disease, at bay.

You do not have to completely uproot your life to make these changes. Working on doing the following things on a regular basis will help them become a normal part of your routine

Be Grateful
It is common to focus on the negative things that happen to you on a daily basis, but this kind of thinking can take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. Instead of dwelling on things that went wrong throughout your day, practice thinking of what you’re grateful for. Think about or write down five things you’re thankful for when you wake up in the morning and again before you go to bed. You can also do this in the middle of the day, especially when you’re having a rough time. Gratitude and positive thinking have been associated with improved health.

The Raw Food Diet Valuable Healthy Benefits

What is a raw food diet? You have probably heard about the Raw Food Diet. There are a lot of different variations on the Raw Food Diet depending upon the person advocating it.

The basic and common feature of most raw food diets is that they all advocate eating food in their natural state – that is, uncooked, unprocessed, organic and unexposed to herbicides and pesticides.

What does a raw food diet include?All raw food diets include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some include unprocessed nuts and uncooked grains. Some raw food diets are a variation on veganism which shuns all animal-based food. Other raw food diets include eggs, milk, cheese and raw fish (sushi and sashimi). Then there is just the simple action of eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables to retain all their nutrients.  Reasons to Fill Your Diet with Raw Food Raw Food Diet Promotes Weight Loss The main purpose of most people who shift to a raw food diet is for weight loss. It is true – eating raw food will

5 Distressing Skin Problems That Worry Baby Boomers

As you age, your skin will go through significant changes. Various skin problems that seniors face are a result of exposure to the sun over a lifespan. Deprived of appropriate defense from the sun, skin problems are to be expected.

Even with protection from sun exposure, the aging progression produces deviations in your skin. Even people who have the most youthful skin will still find a few problems that can be exasperating during the aging process.

The most common problem and one of the most obvious is wrinkles. Wrinkles are areas were the skin has lost elasticity and creases where it folds.

The most common places to see wrinkles are around the forehead, eyes, mouth and neck area due to facial expressions.
Gravity also takes its toll on skin that has lost its elasticity. As gravity naturally pulls skin in a downward direction, the ability to bounce back into shape is lost. There are many products designed to help prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and some that can help rev…

Grow Your Own Simple Health Solutions

Many years ago, it used to be that the majority of people relied on natural remedies then modern medicine took over.

There is no doubt that modern medicine has done much good. However, it is not without its disadvantages.

At times people end up overmedicated for health issues that have simple and effective treatments at home.

A great way to treat some of common health problems that affect people is through the natural use of plants.

These plants do not give you the same dangerous side effects that many of the medications prescribed today will cause. In addition, it is easier and a lot more cost effective to turn to nature when you need healing.

Many different plants that you can grow can treat your ailments naturally. Some have topical applications and others brewed into teas. You should make sure that you understand how much of a plant you should use, because just as if medicines you get at the drugstore, there are dosing guidelines you need to follow when using plants to treat ailm…

Eat Healthy And Clean When Dining Out

When you decide to ‘eat clean’, you may think you will never get to eat in a restaurant again.

Actually, there is a heightened awareness from many restaurants about the wishes of their customers to eat cleaner and better-balanced meals.

You should be able to find some restaurants close to you where you can enjoy a dinner out and not have to worry about keeping to your clean food diet.

After you have found a few restaurants that cater to the clean eating philosophy, you can keep a list of those places so you have some choices. If you are asked out to dinner and do not know about the menu options at the restaurant, go online to see what they offer. Many places will list ingredients and preparation methods because of those who suffer from food allergies.

Do not be afraid to ask about how they prepare their meals. For example, you do not want to eat a food cooked using vegetable oils or butters. Steamed and baked items are your best options. Avoid sugary drinks. Instead, order a glass of …

How To Improve Depression With Exercise

Did you know that the hormones, known as endorphins, released when you exercise could actually help relieve depression?

If you are depressed, you might just find that exercise can help ease your symptoms without the need to turn to medication.

Keep reading to find out more about how you can beat depression with exercise, but remember to consult your doctor first!
How Do Endorphins from Exercise Help When You are Depressed? Endorphins are special hormones secreted in your brain, and your nervous system, and they have a great deal to do with your mood. These peptides actually activate the same receptors kicked off by powerful, illegal and addictive drugs, without the dangerous and negative side effects. Put quite simply, working out and exercising can boost your mood, and make you feel happy and self-assured.

So, how do endorphins released when you exercise help improve your mood when you are depressed?
It was in the 1970s when scientists began to study how the human brain interacts w…

Weight Loss: Burn More Belly Fat Boost Metabolism

There have been many articles written recently about the importance of your metabolism.

You may have noticed that there are new books appearing on this topic as well. These include how to increase your metabolism to ramp up your weight loss efforts.

One particular area of interest is how increasing your metabolism can help your burn that stubborn belly fat!

Why is Your Metabolism Important?

Your metabolism works as the driving force behind your body. It provides you with enough energy to keep your body moving and functioning each day. If you look up metabolism in a dictionary, it is described as a life sustaining function.

When your metabolism does not work effectively any more, it can cause a host of problems. This includes diabetes, weight gain and thyroid issues. It has also been shown that a slow metabolism can in fact be heredity.

The Building Blocks of Your Metabolism Your metabolism is made up of a network of enzymes and hormones. Together they help convert food into fuel f…

3 Juicing Health and Weight Loss Myths Exposed

We have all heard about the many benefits of juicing- from weight loss to detoxification and maximum absorption of nutrients.

If you are very new to juicing, you may have heard of several conflicting information.

You turn the TV on or read articles from the internet and you are as confused as ever.

Before jumping into the craze, check out the most common myths below so you can avoid juicing pitfalls.

1.) The Most Expensive Juicer is the Best
Choosing the best juicer can be a little tricky. You may get too excited and purchase the most expensive model without knowing that it is not exactly what you need. If you prefer speed to quality then a centrifugal juicer is perfect for you. You can get one for as low as $100. The only con with this type of juicer is that you can only store the fresh juice for a maximum of 5 to 7 hours.

If you like, your juice to have pulp in it then go for a masticating juicer. This type of juice extractor is a little on the pricey side but it produces better jui…

5 Ways For Aging Baby Boomers To Eat Healthy

Good nutrition plays an important role in how well you age. 

Eating a healthful diet helps keep your body strong and can help reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis.

Studies even show a link between healthful eating and longevity.

“As we age, the body becomes less efficient at absorbing some key nutrients. Appetite and taste can suffer from loss of sense of smell and taste or from side effects of medications. Bad teeth can make some foods difficult to chew or digest,” said Arthur Hayward, MD, a geriatrician and the clinical lead physician for elder care with Kaiser Permanente’s Care Management Institute. “So choosing foods carefully is smart.”
Here are five tips to help you get the nutrition your body needs:
1. Avoid empty calories.
Foods with empty calories may contain very few vitamins and minerals. “Convenience foods,” such as packaged snacks, chips and sodas, are common sources of empty calories. Avoid the “bad” carbs — foods that have white flour,…
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