Prevent Cognitive Decline In Aging

aging female helped by young womanCognitive abilities include the mind involvements like memory, reasoning, awareness and processing information, all of which are required to perform any task.

As one is getting older, cognitive capacity to handle different mind skills deteriorates. This could lead to even more serious complications like dementia.

Factors that contribute to cognitive decline include lack of mental activity, increase in age, malnutrition, diabetes, not exercising, high blood pressure, depression and even genes.

Read on to find out how you can recognize cognitive decline and the options that you can embrace to prevent cognitive decline even as you age.

Tips on How to Prevent Cognitive Decline

• Vital exercises

As you grow older, the brain changes too this accounts for the slow information processing experienced by old people. This situation can be improved through exercising some parts of the brain thus helping older adults improve their capacity to learn.

• Boosting brain cell energy

Younger brain cells are better placed to absorb glucose and produce energy than older brain cells. The older brain cells may get destroyed thus leading to cognitive decline. Especially when one is older it is important to take nutrients that will energize the brain cells, thus enabling the brain to function effectively.

• Stay Socially Active

younger woman playing board games with elderly lady

According to research social connections lower the risk of suffering from dementia. Through interacting with people the mind is stimulated. Engaging in social activities and been in the company of loved ones help to reduce cognitive decline.

• Keep Learning

youner woman and older woman looking at a book

Activities like reading books, going to museums and playing cards stimulate the brain to stay active. This further reduces the probability of suffering from Alzheimer and dementia.

• Exercise

a group of senior exercise class

Physical activity of older adults according to study is associated with increased cognitive functioning. Exercise reduces the probability of having stress while improving moods thus enhancing cognitive abilities.

• Herbs and Supplements

You can also enquire from the doctor about supplements that help limit cognitive decline. Ginger, aspirin and ginkgo are known to aid in circulation.

a Ginkgo tree photo

Ginkgo improves the brain functioning while lowering depression and improving memory. A mixture of ginger and ginkgo is known to lower stress levels. Aspirin inhibits both cognitive decline and vascular dementia.

• Low carb diet

Some diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol enhance cognitive decline. This explains why avoiding high carb diets will help to stay away from cognitive decline.

• Get adequate amount of sleep

senior couple sleeping

Sleep disorders
contribute to poor learning and poor memory. Daytime sleep has been associated with dementia. Consult the doctor in case of sleep disruptions and embrace a routine sleeping time

• Other conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure may accelerate cognitive decline. Treating these diseases may improve cognitive abilities.

Take omega-3 fatty acids

These fatty acids inhibit clotting of the blood thus enhancing blood flow and minimizing the risk of stroke. You can now make an informed choice to take care of your cognitive abilities.

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