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Are All Calories Created Equal?

Interestingly, the calories your body takes in may not be the same as the calories your body uses. A 2500 calorie per day diet may cause some people to gain weight, while a 2500 calorie per day diet consisting of different foods may cause no weight gain or even a weight loss. It all depends on how the calories are counted and on how your body digests those calories.

How Calorie Count Is Measured
Calories are the units of energy we use every day to measure the food intake we eat. One calorie is the amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius at normal atmospheric pressure.

Calories In Food
When we talk about calories in food, we are actually talking about kilocalories. One scientific kilocalorie is equal to a thousand calories. When talking about food, one calorie is actually a kilocalorie.

Manufacturers of different types of food are measured using what is called a “bomb calorimeter.” The food is placed in a sealed container that i…

Is The Paleo Diet Really Paleo?

Since starting this blog, I have posted a few articles pros and cons of the Paleo Diet
Many people have claimed success with the Paleolithic ancestor style of eating but is it really the way are ancestors ate?

This article from The Conversation discusses the science and history of early man’s adaptation to the food we eat.

By publishing this article, the hope is to continue to provide accurate information and varying points of view.

Therefore, if you are considering the Paleo Diet it has apparently worked for some people, but it may not be what our ancestors ate.

Tommy Douglas

Paleo Diet? Science Has Moved On Since The Stone Age
Tim Spector, King's College London

“Our ancestors didn’t eat like this, so we shouldn’t.” This is the main ethos of many modern diets which advise us to exclude a number of recent additions to our plates because they were not part of our distant predecessors diet. There are many different variations on the theme – from all-encompassing “palaeolithic-s…

How To Experience The Healthy Benefits Of Sex

By Al Link

Lose weight. Reduce stress.  Lower your cholesterol level. Improve your circulation. Live longer. Stay younger. Does it sounds like an ad for a new wonder drug?

In fact, it is a few benefits of humankind's longest-standing and most pleasurable pastime. That is the pastime of having sex.
Most of us are aware of the feel good benefits of sex while we are engaged in it. You should know there are benefits beyond the sweaty bodies and the sweet talk.

For instance:

There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. For every 3500 calories, you burn (that you do not replace with food!) you will lose one pound of fat. Sexual intercourse burns approximately 150 calories per half hour.

How sex stacks up against some other activities. Yoga 114 calories per half hour Dancing - rock 129 calories Walking - 3mph 153 calories Weight training 153 calories Canoeing - 2mph 153 calories Volleyball 174 calories

According to one survey reported by the Ottawa Citizen.

Canadians on average have s…

5 Top Tips for a Healthy Heart

Did you know that even if heart disease runs in your family, you could cut your personal risk dramatically?
A heart healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, exercising regularly and drinking lots of water, all of these components lead to a healthy heart and a lower risk of heart attack and cardiac illness.

Practice the following top five tips for a healthy heart and you benefit from the overall body health and fitness that a healthy cardiovascular system delivers.

Enjoy a heart healthy diet

Wild caught salmon, sardines and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Garlic keeps your blood vessels from being constricted, allowing your blood to flow properly. Brown rice, black beans and kidney beans, oatmeal and other high-fiber foods regulate a healthy cardiovascular system, and lower your chances of suffering a heart attack and developing heart disease.

Almonds, kale, oranges, blueberry and an occasional glass of red wine all offer heart healthy benefits. Steer clear of processed food…

Vegetarian Foods that are not so Vegetarian After All

There are three types of foodies- vegetarians, non-vegetarians and the “Tuesday, Thursday” breed who enjoy non-vegetarian except on certain days of the week.

Strict vegetarians are very particular about what they consume and will try reading the labels of every food product they buy in the grocery store. However, certain foods that look harmless and vegan don’t have a very vegan history. There is always something “fishy” in the way the ingredients are manufactured or procured. Almost every food has traces of something non vegetarian and here are few popular vegetarian foods that look vegetarian but are in fact not:

White Sugar

Sugar is a key ingredient in most kitchens and is used almost daily in order to make lemonade, tea, coffee and of course is added lavishly in desserts and sweets. The same harmless sugar however goes through a cleansing process which makes it look so pretty and white.

The cleansing process involves the use of natural carbon which in fact is derived from charre…

Diet: You Must Not Eat in Your Car

By Lynda Binius Enright

Americans eat everywhere today except dining at the kitchen table.

People are always in a hurry so they eat at their desks, during sporting events, when they socialize, the kitchen counter, while watching television and even in their vehicles.

With the busy life that you may lead, sitting down for food may seem next to impossible. However, there are many reasons why you should do just that. 
There are many reasons you should skip in the car eating.
The risks of eating in your car
Principally, attempting to eat while driving is not wise and it is dangerous. Observe how many people are doing something else while they are driving. You will see people using their phone, putting on makeup, doing their hair and very often eating. 
Distracted driving is a primary cause of car crashes. Many activities you may not think of as distracting, but they are including eating.

Driven to Distraction – The Ten Biggest Driving Distractions Revealed

Beyond driving safety, eating i…

Understanding The Role Of Food

The Role Of Food Why We Need To Eat.
Food is intended for the human body as sustenance and nutrition.

Truly, that is its only intent. It is meant to provide essential nutrients that work to support internal bodily process and nutrify major organs.

It provides us with energy and is essential for the proper physical development of children.

Somewhere along the way, we have seriously lost touch with this fact. Of course, the endless rows of goodies at the supermarket, and unlimited choices of junk food have not helped us in any way.

Healthy eating still eludes many of us, as America struggles with obesity and lifestyle choices are the leading cause of premature death from diseases like that of the heart that result from them.
Consequences Of Poor Nutrition
ObesityObesity is at epidemic levels in the US. According to the Centers For Disease Control:  · 35.1% of adults age 20 or older were obese in 2012
· 69% of adults age 20 or older were overweight or obese in 2012, that’s more than 5…

How to Keep Your Stress Levels in Check

Why is it so important to de-stress your life?
Because frequent stress and anxiety, when untreated, can lead to...

... A weak immune system... Heart problems... Acid reflux, heartburn... High blood pressure... Migraines, headaches and backaches... Chronic fatigue... Diabetes

The key is in keeping your cortisol levels in check. Cortisol, better known as the "stress hormone", can wreak havoc on many of your bodily functions. Tight deadlines, crazy schedules, a fast-paced society and not enough hours each day to accomplish what you need – all of these issues can lead to regular occurrences of stress.

How to Keep Your Cortisol Level in Check
Cortisol levels rise in your body 1 of 2 ways. When your mind triggers a "fight or flight" response to something that is going on in your life, cortisol is produced. When your cortisol levels are high, your cardiovascular and respiratory health begins to decline immediately. As you can see from the list above, multiple bodily fu…

Testosterone and Women: Menopausal Mythbusting

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, which is mainly produced in testicles and epididymis, and, in smaller quantities, in adrenal glands as well. It is also secreted in women and it participates in the formation of optimal hormonal balance together with estrogen and progesterone.

When they hear the word ‘testosterone’, most people think of aggressive behavior. There is a wide misconception that testosterone is only related to males, having nothing to do with females. While it is true that increased testosterone levels in women can cause excessive hair growth and sweat production, acne, PCOS or some other hormonal dysfunction, the lack of this same hormone in women can cause reduced libido, dry skin, hair and nails, weight gain, osteoporosis and dementia.
Anybody interested in taking supplements should consult with a doctor beforehand, but keep in mind that the health benefits one can gain from the right level of additional testosterone intake can be great. Women need to tak…
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