10 Reasons Why Sleeping Nude Improves Your Health

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#1 – Sleeping Nude prevents insomnia

According to a recent Australian study, a drop in body temperature is required for sleep to be initiated properly. If you’re wearing heavy pajamas or socks, your body won’t be able to release heat properly and you’ll be far more likely to suffer from insomnia.

#2 – Sleeping Nude helps you sleep deeper and longer

According to another recent study, sleeping naked allows for a regulation of body temperature that causes deeper, longer sleep.

In one experiment of the study, scientists placed suits on subjects that were designed to lower their skin temperature.

#3 –Sleeping Nude helps prevent excess belly fat

Natural body cooling will help you lower your cortisol levels. After 2am, the glands that produce cortisol will begin to work more actively in order to help your body prepare for the next day.

When you don’t get enough sleep, which can be caused by your body temperature being too high, your body will have an abnormally high amount of cortisol. This will lead to an increased appetite for ‘comfort foods’ that will increase belly fat. nude-senior-female-sexy

#4 – Sleep naked It makes your sex organs healthier

For females, the vagina is naturally warm. This creates an environment in which bacteria thrives. By sleeping naked and providing your body with a cool air flow, this area of the body is allowed to breathe, which prevents the growth of excess bacteria.

In men, cool testes help to keep sperm healthy. This is why your testes are located outside of your body – sleeping naked further enhances this effect.

#5 – Sleep naked it prevents aging

Put simply, the more you sleep, the more growth hormones and melatonin – two anti-aging hormones – are released.

As mentioned previously, sleeping naked causes a much deeper and longer-lasting sleep, meaning it also reduces aging by extension. (Source)

#6 – Nude sleep could improve your sex life

Well, duh.

But aside from the obvious, having skin-to-skin contact with your partner can boost oxytocin in your body. This is known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone which is needed for orgasm and has the added benefit of battling depression and blood pressure issues.

#7 – Nude sleeping could prevent skin diseases

Airing out your skin can put you at a reduced risk for skin diseases like athlete’s foot and intertrigo.

#8 – Sleep naked it can increase self-esteem

There are theories that suggest spending time nude can increase your self-esteem and acceptance of your body.

#9 – Nude sleep can prevent type 2 diabetes

In a study published in June, it was found that colder sleeping temperatures are linked to improved metabolism and the lowering of blood sugar levels.

#10 – You will experience increased circulation

While you toss and turn, your clothes can get knotted and cut off circulation to areas of your body. While the results are unlikely to be highly detrimental to your body, you’ll notice that sleeping naked greatly benefits your heart, muscles and arteries, leaving you feeling refreshed.




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