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Do Not Want The Flu? You Need To Relax

Nobody likes having the flu and very few people actually enjoy constant stress.

Stress can make your body sick and the flu is one of many diseases and conditions stress can make you susceptible to. Stress can go hand and hand with worry.

Sadly, August 29, 2015 at age 75, self-help guru Wayne Dyer passed away.
I remember, what he had to say about worry.
There are only two things you can worry about.
Either it is something you can do something about or something you cannot do anything about.
If you can do something about it, then do it.
If you cannot do anything about it then what is the point of worrying. The following article examines the relationship between stress and getting the flu.

Take care and be well,
Tommy Douglas

Take a chill pill if you want to avoid the flu this year
Alexander Chaitoff, Case Western Reserve University and Joshua Daniel Niforatos, Case Western Reserve University

Along with snow and frigid temperatures, the winter months also bring coughs, colds and the flu

10 Healthy Benefits of Exercising Every Day

You probably know that proper nutrition and regular exercise can lead to an overall healthy body, inside and out. 
But how, specifically, does exercise benefit the human body? There are literally hundreds of advantages to daily exercising, too many to list here.

However, the following 10 benefits of staying active on a daily basis should provide enough motivation for you to exercise more frequently.

1 – Exercising Can Help You Control Your Body Weight
If you are trying to lose weight, exercise can help. Once you reach your ideal body weight, exercise on a daily basis helps you stay there.

2 – Exercising Creates Natural Energy
The oxygen and nutrients delivered by regular exercise keep your heart and respiratory system working properly. This releases natural energy stores which allow you to go all day long without tiring.

3 – You Sleep Better When You Exercise Regularly
Daily exercising, especially in the morning, leads to deep, healthy sleep patterns. You fall asleep quicker an…

Are You Sick More Because You Lack Useful Worms?

Do you seem to be sick more often due allergies?
Do you have frequent headaches?

People having allergies is becoming more common, in general we seem to be sicker even though life expectancy is higher than it used to be.
A recent visit to my doctor I complained of a chronic running nose. He said it was most likely allergies and prescribed a steroid nasal spray.

He said it needed to build up in the tissues and would take about a month to work properly.

I just researched the side effects on Webmd. There several possible ranging from nose dryness and head pain to nasal sores and bronchitis.
So, why exactly do we seem to have more allergies? Why do we need drugs with side effects that are undesirable?

It may be because we lack useful symbiotic parasites.

If being too clean makes us sick, why isn't getting dirty the solution?William Parker, Duke University

Today rates of allergic, autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases are rising dramatically in Western societies.

If that were no…

6 Ways Stress Can Make A Healthy Body Sick

Stress affects just about everyone in their daily lives.
Unfortunately, stress is not a benign thing. It can affect your body in ways that can have a long lasting impact on your health.

Here are some ways stress can affect your health:
The Effect Of Stress On Your Brain
Stress can cause you to lose your concentration and memory abilities. Whether this is psychological or physiological is not completely clear.

When you are under stress, parts of your brain associated with memory, such as the hippocampus, do not work well and you cannot turn short-term memory into long-term memory. You can also fail to concentrate on things you hear or things you are reading.

It isn’t clear whether this is a long-term effect or short-term effect; however, things like stress reduction techniques seem to be able to restore your ability to think.

Some research studies tend to show long-term on-going stress may produce proteins that may contribute to Alzheimer disease and dementia.

Continual stress tends to…

Will There Be A Solution For Chronic Pain Opioid Abuse?

If you have suffered chronic pain and seen your doctor, then do you know your treatment options? I have personally, suffered chronic pain for several decades. Often intense pain in feet, legs and lower back and more recently upper back and shoulders.

The pain in legs, feet and lower back is from overuse from standing long hours on concrete and from carrying too much weight. The shoulder pain is from abuse and arthritis.

The strongest pain reliever a doctor ever prescribed was meloxicam which is barely stronger than aspirin but also comes with aspirin’s baggage of intestinal pain and bleeding.

In fact, I have developed ulcers from overuse of pain relievers. 
Yet, I continue to have pain.

One doctor told me everything he can prescribe is poison in one form or another.

So, I am highly curious about how doctors and scientist can rethink chronic pain and treatment. Hopefully, someway that the cure is not worse than the disease.

As the case is with the major classes of pain relief drugs …

Could You Have Iron Deficiency?

If you have iron deficiency, it usually means you are anemic.
Anemia is when there are not enough red blood cells in the body. You need your red blood cells to deliver oxygen to the tissues of your body.

Iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia.
Causes of Iron Deficiency Anemia
The main causes of iron deficiency or anemia include the following:Blood loss. You lose blood by various means and don’t have the substrates to replace the red blood cells.You do not absorb iron very well.You are not eating foods that contain iron in it.You have heavy or frequent menstrual periods.You lose blood from the gastrointestinal tract.You have esophageal varices, which are dilated veins in the esophagus from having liver cirrhosis.You have gastric bleeding from taking too much aspirin or other medication for the treatment of arthritis.You have peptic ulcer disease.You have celiac disease, which results in malabsorption of iron.You have Crohn’s disease, which also affects iron absorption.You…

Can Poor Diet + Overweight = More Alzheimer’s Risk?

As Baby Boomers age, we start wondering about loss of ability to do the things we enjoy or need to do.

Will we remain healthy and active?

Will we need to be taken care of?

Maybe the scariest thing to some of us, especially if know someone affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s, is will we know who we are.

Though aging comes with certain drawbacks, the alternative route to aging is not great either.

Fortunately, scientific research is showing that eating healthy, exercising and maintaining weight control can go a long way to reducing the drawbacks to growing old.

Is there a link between diet, obesity and Alzheimer’s?
Catherine Itsiopoulos, La Trobe University

Alzheimer’s disease is more common among older people but it is not a normal part of aging. And as the global population ages, the rate of Alzheimer’s is expected to rise – from 36 million to 115 million sufferers by 2050.

The definitive cause of Alzheimer’s disease is still unknown. What we do know is that the brain of an Alzhei…

4 IBS Triggers And Now Introducing A Safe Solution!

What is on your mind?

Perhaps a better question might be, what is up with your stomach?

Because if you are one of the estimated 45 million Americans who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you know something all too well: IBS sucks.

IBS is much more than just an inconvenience. For many, it is a detriment to their way of life. The average IBS patient is a woman, between 30 and 60. She is almost 35% less productive than her non-IBS stricken co-workers. And she pays upwards of $4,500 in out-of-pocket medical expenses each year. Ouch, that hurts.
The cause of all this grief?
There are several, actually. And fortunately, there is a healthier solution.

Hint: Digestive Science IBS Relief System relieves IBS.

Common IBS Triggers
IBS is a highly unique disorder.
What sets off irritable bowel syndrome in one patient may leave another unscathed. Having noted that, some causes of IBS are more common than others. And if there' is anything that can make your insides feel like they are …

Why Not Allow Pharmacists To Help Treat More Patients?

One the things you find you need to do when moving to a new town, is find a new primary care provider.
In the old days you pulled out your phonebook, looked in the yellow pages, found a doctor close by, made an appointment and then went see him or her.

In these modern times of course, you “google” local doctors you call to make an appointment and are told “Sorry, Doctor Icannotcu is not accepting new patients”. You ask do you know who is? The answer is usually no we do not have that information.

Of course eventually you find a new doctor but, it is not as simple as it used to be.
Can pharmacists help fill the growing primary care gap?
John Gums, University of Florida

By 2020 157 million people in the US will be living with at least one chronic health condition. As the number of Americans managing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol increases, the ranks of primary care providers (PCPs) who currently perform the majority of chronic disease management are dwindli…
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