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6 Reasons Why You Habitually Procrastinate

Do you procrastinate? 

Are you constantly putting things off, even when you know accomplishing them is the best thing to do?

If so, you are certainly not alone. Everyone procrastinates or shirks responsibility at some time or other. The problem is that chronic procrastination can damage your health, ruin you financially, and create a rash of mental and emotional problems.

If that is the case, and human beings know what we should be doing, why aren't we doing them?

Sometimes procrastination is intentional, and sometimes it is a byproduct of your lifestyle.

Listed below are 6 common reasons why you procrastinate. 
Understanding the motivation behind your avoidance and putting off of responsibilities is the first step to stopping that behavior.

1 - Poor Diet
This one probably surprised you, didn't it?

It shouldn't.

Many people living in modern civilizations eat too much processed food. They are consuming sugar, salt, MSG, trans fats, fast foods and other food-like products …

Colonoscopy A Doctor Prescribed Pain In The Ass

It is 4 o’clock in the morning.

I cannot sleep because of arthritis pain and I am not allowed to aspirin for a three day period. As well as, I intentionally gave myself diarrhea. Plus, I can only have something to drink for another hour or so.

It is all part of preparation for a procedure known as a colonoscopy.

For the last 24 hours I have been placed on a clear liquid diet and had a large dose of laxatives. I am feeling kind of hungry and sort of crappy.

All of this is so a doctor can shove a camera up my ass and look at my insides.

This will be my second colonoscopy in three years. Normally, a colonoscopy is recommended every 5 years. However, my doctor deemed it necessary because last time they found two noncancerous polyps, I am diabetic and was a smoker for many years.

So, now I am thinking….

What Is a Colonoscopy and Why Do I Need It?
By Jenetta Haim

Screening for colorectal cancer is important in order to ensure your health. There is a recommendation that people over 50, part…

Top 5 Ways To Fitness For Healthy Baby Boomers

You know you should exercise regularly, drink more water instead of other drinks and eat healthy whole nutritious foods.

Those are 3 smart fitness tips everyone should live by to avoid health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other diseases. If you are a baby boomer, the following tips provide even more support for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

1.  It Is Never Too Late to Start Fitness
Do not think that since you have lived a life of little exercise and physical activity, there is no need to start now.

Just 15 minutes after you begin exercising, you benefit by the increased rate of healthy oxygen pumped throughout your body. Make exercise a regular part of your daily and weekly activities, and your health can improve quickly.

2. Stop Comparing Your Fitness Level to Others
There are always going to be other people in better (and worse) shape than you. Comparing your level of fitness to someone else is pointless. 
You are an incredibly unique individual. 
What someone…
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